Our Seafood Selections

Our Seafood Selections

Our Seafood Selections

SALMON – Atlantic Salmon has a mild, delicate flavor; moderately firm and “meaty”; high in protein and omega 3.

CHILEAN SEA BASS – Mostly found off the southern coast of Chile; rich, melt-in-your-mouth flavor with sweet notes; tender and moist with large, thick flakes and a medium texture; high in protein and omega 3.

TUNA – Found in the eastern and western Atlantic Ocean; firm, “meaty” and intense flavor; high in protein and omega 3.

ARCTIC CHAR – Member of the trout and salmon family, found in remote/icy waters, moderately firm, moist, high in protein and omega 3.

COD – Found around the globe; lean, mild, clean flavor with medium texture and large tender flakes.

BRANZINO – Found along the European coasts in the Mediterranean; finely textured, flaky, lean, with a sweet and mild flavor.

RED SNAPPER – Found off the coasts of Texas and Louisiana down to Mexico; semi-firm, lean and moist.

SOLE – Mostly found in the Mediterranean to the North Sea; lean and flaky fillet with a mild, delicate, and sweet flavor.

LOBSTER – Found in the North Atlantic; Mild and sweet in flavor, firm and fibrous texture.

CLAM – Hardshells are found between Massachusetts and Florida; mild flavored, sweet and briny.

OYSTER – The Eastern Oyster found in the Long Island Sound and parts of Atlantic Canada; salty flavor, meaty texture.

SHRIMP – Found in the North Atlantic from Greenland to Martha’s Vineyard; very sweet taste, fairly firm and moist.

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